Maybe you own a used Mini, maybe you prefer the Fiat 500, whatever your preference, you will at some point share the same hassle that plagues all British motorists, a plague which descends in the form of an annual MOT check.

Furthermore, servicing your small car won’t exactly be a pleasure, but at some point, a change of certain car parts will be necessary, and your expertise probably won’t be sufficient. But there is one area where you can be an expert, and that is price!

Until now the prices for servicing and MOT available have been pretty hard to research, but a new system designed by automotive site BuyYourCar has helped put an end to that. You can now compare servicing and MOT costs online, similar to how you can with insurance etc. This will obviously be rewarding in terms of saving money and finding the best deal. Also, it locates pricing information from garages nearby the postcode you supplied, so you won’t be sat in London looking at prices from Scotland.