Audi Allroad

The Audi Allroad provides off-road capabilities coupled with a refined on-road driving experience. The new Allroad has built on the strengths of its predecessor and has hammered out some of the refinement issues that the car faced in the past.

The new A6 Allroad is in a similar market sector to the original car, Audi has placed it in a segment with few rivals. The Audi Allroad is more competent than many other four-wheel drive estates, and provides a better on road experience than most luxury SUVs. The car’s versatility will meet the needs of many buyers although the company expects sales to be fairly modest.

The new Allroad has received several exterior enhancements such as new front and rear bumpers, a bold front grille, flared wheel arches and extended sills. A steel underbody protects against damage to the mechanicals when travelling over rough terrain. It reminds me of a second hand Audi Q5 I drove last year.

The engines range to offer impressive on-road performance as well as sufficient torque to cope with off-road situations, a choice of six-speed manual and automatic gearboxes through to the quattro four-wheel drive system. Included in this is a self-locking central differential and impressive air suspension.

Inside the Allroad boasts an array of quality Audi materials and technology. This model uses a special monoPur fabric in order to deal with mud and moisture. It also uses the innovative Multi Media Interface to control the wide range of vehicle systems keeping the interior uncluttered.


The car comes with a high initial purchase price, but the initial purchase price is offset somewhat by the amount of equipment that is offered as standard. The car’s versatility and wide range of abilities must also be taken into account. Insurance rates will be high, but buyers who opt for the diesel version will enjoy decent fuel economy.

The Allroad offers plenty of cabin space. Front and rear seat passengers enjoy more than adequate head and legroom, while the boot is long and wide. The car also provides under-seat storage areas adding to the car’s practicality and appeal.

The car’s main instruments and displays are clear and easy to use. The controls are stylish, while the supplementary information systems are easy to read. The Multi Media Interface operates many of the vehicle controls via a rotary controller and supplementary buttons. It may take some time to get used to but will be much easier to use once the driver is familiar with its functions.
The car’s cabin is very comfortable. Seats are supportive and adjust for passenger comfort. Engine and road noise are kept to a minimum, and road perfections are effectively dealt with by the car’s air suspension system.


The car can be fitted with an air suspension system that allows the car’s height to be raised or lowered as needed. This makes the car even easier to access and eliminates the need for less agile passengers to climb up into the car’s cabin. The car’s doors and boot open widely and provide unhindered access.

The Allroad is a large vehicle, but it is easy to park. The car provides good all-round visibility, and the car’s power steering helps out a lot. Parking sensors are available from the options list, and are probably a good idea.

Life Style

The Audi Allroad provides plenty of driver appeal. It can deliver a refined and comfortable ride while on the road, or it can master more complicated terrain with little effort. This is handy in wintery weather when terrain can become difficult. The car also provides high levels of comfort and practicality.

This would make an excellent family vehicle as it is one of the larger Audi Automobiles. It offers plenty of passenger space, and a boot that is large enough to accommodate family-sized items. The car’s versatility will help to accommodate the various roles a vehicle must master as a family transporter.

This is not a likely first car like a Toyota Verso or something. It is too large and costly. Running costs will be high and the car may be difficult for novice drivers to navigate through crowded city streets or shopping malls.

The car boasts a high level of fit and finish which is consistent with my second hand Audi A8, which many buyers have come to expect from Audi. The car’s cabin has a relaxing atmosphere and the materials all feel like good quality.

Security and Safety

The car’s standard security features include a visible VIN plate and remote central locking, and an anti-theft alarm, which includes tow-away protection.

The car’s standard safety features include three Isofix mounting points, ESP with an off-road mode, twin front and twin side airbags, and roof bags on each side.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system includes a 10-speaker CD/tuner with a large screen display. The sound quality is very good, and the steering wheel mounted controls are included as well.
The cabin materials are of high quality and feel excellent to the touch. The car provides red backlighting and the splashes of chrome throughout help to brighten the predominantly grey interior.


The attractively designed Audi Allroad offers buyers a pleasant blend of flexibility and luxury. The car’s off-road capabilities will increase its over-all appeal while its refined on-road manners will win many buyers over.