Lexus RX Review

Lexus added a hybrid powertrain to its popular SUV, and is focusing on that ever increasing number of eco-conscious buyers.

The company’s hybrid-powered 4×4 has been introduced at the perfect time as ecological issues weigh heavily on the public’s mind. The Lexus brand has always offered high-tech modern features regardless of make or model, so a complex petrol-electric combination that can cope with four-wheel drive is  not a surprise. The company has always introduced innovative and practical ideas leading the way and setting high standards for rival brands. Lexus’ RX model has been on the market since 2001, and has always offered a comfortable ride within the SUV sector. The car’s good looks and excellent performance have kept it competitive and have allowed it to secure a loyal following in this sector. The Lexus RX sports a six-cylinder petrol engine, combined with two electric motors, one to drive each pair of wheels, allowing two and four-wheel drive, offering additional grip. The car can also run in full electric mode, reducing emissions to zero. This gives the RX a clear advantage over competitors.


The Lexus RX is less expensive than the competition. It gets good fuel economy and has a low insurance group. The RX will prove to continue to be inexpensive as it is reliable and servicing costs tend to be low. The cabin is large but only accommodates four passengers. Headroom is plentiful and even the tallest passengers shouldn’t need to worry about legroom. The boot is large and will easily carries luggage and other bulky items around. The gauges live up to the Lexus trademark. They are concise and easy to read. Where there was once a rev. counter, now sits a power gauge that displays information on the electric motor. The cabin is comfortable and quiet. The suspension is well adapted to provide a smooth ride. Front passengers enjoy the luxury of electronic adjusting seats, and although rear passenger’s seats don’t adjust electronically, they are comfortable and supportive. Access to the RX is easy. The seats are high, but not an uncomfortable reach for most. The boot is also high, but easy to load and unload. All doors open wide enough to allow for easy loading of both passengers and cargo. The light steering, generous side mirrors and good visibility make parking the large RX easy. To assist, the SE-L models come with a rear camera. Although useful, these aren’t options on the base model.

 Life Style

 The Lexus RX is not designed for performance. It provides a comfortable and reliable ride in town and on longer trips. It’s at its best when not being pushed too hard. Enthusiastic drivers may not enjoy the ride but passengers will be more than comfortable. This would make an excellent family car. The car provides plenty of space and a high ride height providing good all-round vision for passengers. The DVD player in the rear is ideal for entertaining children on long journeys. This car is probably too expensive for most newly licensed drivers, even a second hand Lexus RX would probably be outside the budget of most first time buyers. The car is an expensive purchase and also has high insurance rates. The driving experience itself would be excellent for most novice drivers. The car is easy to drive and easy to park. Lexus is relatively new to the SUV sector of the market. This hasn’t slowed them down one bit. The Lexus brand is viewed as a quality and classy brand. Lexus is leading the way with new SUV technologies and will continue to have a strong presence and influence in the SUV sector.

 Security and Safety

 The RX comes equipped with an immobilizer, and high quality alarm. The door deadlocks are also a theft deterrent. With nine airbags the RX is sure to do well in the case of an accident. The placement of the placement of the batteries under the back seats keep them out of harms way for most circumstances The VDIM system that comes with the RX is more efficient than the usual ESP system. The electronically controlled brake system also provides much safety in the event that much braking force is needed.

 The Finishing touches

An eight-speaker dash mounted CD auto changer with RDS radio, including steering wheel controls comes standard on the base and SE models. The upgraded SE-L version gives you an 11-speaker system. Some other models have an optional DVD player. Entry models have cloth trim, and SE and SE-L models have leather trim in the color choice of either beige or black. Silver trim inserts are standard, but on the SE-L version a wood pack is available, the wood pack covers the steering wheel and gear lever surround.


 The Lexus RX delivers good performance and economy providing the buyer with excellent value for the money. Its 4X4 capabilities are not the strongest in its class, but given the fact that most drivers will never leave the road they are more than adequate.