Saab 9 Review

The Saab convertible has been a huge success for the Swedish firm since the car’s introduction in 1986. The car offered buyers an alternative to the big German brands. Saab’s 9-3 continues to offer buyers a stylish alternative. The car is and reliable and has drawn many buyers to the Saab brand.

Saab doesn’t always do so well in the executive saloon market, but manages to do very well in the premium convertible market. Saab’s performance in this sector has been most impressive. The company’s 9-3 Convertible borrowed some design cues from the 9-3 compact executive saloon. All of the traditional Saab elements have been included to create an understated look. This is exactly what many buyers are looking for. This 9-3 offers a good driving experience with finely tuned suspension, and serious horsepower. The car has much to offer, but is often out performed by rival brands. The 9-3 does have the competition beat in several areas however, such as Saab’s ability to score well in usability tests. The car’s cabin is also excellent and very ergonomic. The 9-3′s seats also provide impressive support and are very comfortable.


Saab’s 9-3 is one of the better value options available among the premium convertibles. The car comes with high levels of standard equipment and residual values are good. The petrol engine tends to be thirsty, especially when fitted with an auto gearbox. The car should prove be reliable helping to keep costs down. Front seat passengers enjoy a good deal of space, but rear seat passengers are more limited with modest amounts of room. Boot space is also limited when the top is down. Front seat passengers shouldn’t have any problems getting comfortable though. Saab has a reputation for providing good ergonomics, and the 9-3 is no different. The main instruments are clear and easy to read. The audio and ventilation units boast big buttons and clear displays. The car’s instruments are practical and well designed. This car was designed with comfort in mind. The car handles road imperfections well and delivers a smooth ride. The Swedish firm is famous for making comfortable seats, and the seats in the 9-3 are testimony to the company’s ability. The car is comfortable but the cabin does not suppress wind noise very well. Access to the car’s front seats is very good. Front seat passengers will have no trouble accessing or egressing the car’s cabin. The doors open wide allowing easy access. Rear seat passengers don’t fair so well; climbing over the folded front seats into very limited space. Access to the car’s boot is unhindered and straightforward. With the roof up, rearward visibility is limited, but roof down visibility is good all-round. Parking is straightforward, and the car’s steering assists greatly making parking even easier. Side mirrors are a decent size and assist even further.

 Life Style

Despite the car’s sporty look the 9-3 Convertible doesn’t offer much in the way of providing driver appeal. The car can be fast and is an accomplished motorway cruiser, but it isn’t a performance vehicle. The car’s primary focus is on comfort. The 9-3 Convertible wasn’t really designed to be a family car. The car provides seating for four, but rear space is extremely limited. The rear wind deflector takes up most of the rear space, and the already small boot gets smaller with the top down. There are much more suitable family cars available. Saab’s convertible is probably not a good first car. It will be costly for a newly licensed driver to buy and run. Insurance will be high or impossible to get, and limited rearward visibility with the top up could pose problems for new drivers. The 9-3 Convertible has a very positive image and has had no problems competing with bigger brands such as Audi and Mercedes. The Although often perceived by critics to be one step below the Germans, the drop-top Swede has done well for itself – helped in no small part by the success of its predecessor, the 900. Saab also scores highly in the quality department, as the car feels sturdy and durable.

 Security and Safety

 The 9-3 Convertible is a very desirable vehicle and will be high on the list of many car thieves. The fabric roof poses a security risk as with all soft top convertibles. The car comes with an engine immobiliser and a security alarm system boasting motion and tilt sensors. Remote central locking is also included, but, an aftermarket tracking device would be a wise investment as well. Saab does not skimp on safety, and the car comes with twin front and side airbags. Rollover protection is also standard in the form of pop-up roll bars. All of the familiar active safety systems are present as well as ABS and electronic stability programmes.

 The Finishing Touches

The standard audio unit includes a radio and CD player. The unit is conveniently located and boasts large controls and a clear display. When you Buy Your Saab you will be presented with a bunch of optional upgrades include a CD changer, a sat-nav system, and a Bluetooth connection. The 9-3 looks good in most exterior colours. Silver is one of the most popular choices. The metallic hue will help to increase resale values. The interior is comprised of mostly dark colours with splashes of lighter trim.


 There are sportier convertibles on the market, but Saab’s 9-3 is stylish and easy to drive. The 9-3′s is ideal for anyone who doesn’t need to have a more prestigious badge.